A letter of recommendation is a huge part of a scholarship application, it gives insight into the true abilities of a student beside their GPA and performance. It shows writing style, skills, strengths and personality. Students often go to their teachers, counselors and other authorities to help them write it. That said, whether you’re a student or a teacher who wants to help their student write a kicker recommendation letter, here’s everything that will help you achieve it.

It’s no secret that completing college or university opens endless possibilities in different career fields for students. However, postsecondary education isn’t available to everyone financially, which is why many students seek financial aid. To get financial aid, students often write the letter of recommendation in collaboration with their teachers, counselor or mentor.

Engineering, science, IT, linguistics, business, and other fields have set different guidelines for students to be eligible for financial aid. However, writing the best letter of recommendation has never gone out of fashion and students often seek professional help to get it done. If a student has asked you for help and you aren’t experienced with writing the letter, here is some general advice that will assist you.

Alternatively, the internet is full of different letter of recommendation sample repositories, so make sure to research some too.

Why write the letter of recommendation for a scholarship?

Various templates and institutions suggest that the letter of recommendation is of extreme importance to college and university authorities that can get to know enrolling candidates better. It’s an important testimonial of student’s skills, abilities, talents, and strengths. It helps as an endorsement, a confirmation that professors from the high school recognize the student as a talented, hardworking and dedicated individual.

The letter of recommendation also shows all the power of prior success. If the student has been successful, the praising will help the college understand why going to that certain institution is important to them. It expresses the student’s confidence and courage in taking on different challenges.

If a teacher or a counselor is writing the letter, that only goes on to show that the student is reliable and trustworthy enough for someone to write the letter of recommendation for them to get the scholarship. Lastly, it shows why the certain individual deserves to receive a scholarship.

Aside from academic achievements, a letter of recommendation shows the personality traits of the individual student. If you don’t know how to write about personality traits or express them properly, check out some of the templates online that will help you channel your thought and opinion that will make one stand out.

Another great tip is to write several drafts of the letter and then combine them all together to make the best letter of recommendation for scholarship.

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Traits to focus on

There are no universal personality traits to focus on. Each individual is special and unique, and their unique aspect and set of skills should set them from the competition. That being said, even if you do check some online pre-written templates, they should only help orientate you, not do the work for you.

Committees are tired of reading the same written templates and not being able to perceive how is one student distinguished from another, which makes them so special that they deserve the scholarship. Still, there are some tips to follow, things to focus on when writing the best letter.

It’s important to use personal references. Don’t makeup things, talk to as many advisors you can to help you write the letter. If you’re the teacher who writes the letter, talk to other teachers and counselors to make sure you write the most unique letter that you can.

Make sure to be detailed and focus on specific and concise references. Don’t use too many filler-words so you sound convincing. Additionally, using a more narrative tone will help you be more convincing and help readers understand your key strengths. Lastly, focus on the goals of your or your student, because that will help the readers understand why you find financial help necessary.

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How to write the best letter of recommendation for a scholarship?

If you’re a teacher, it’s important to know your students well and not makeup information that may not be true. You’re responsible for the success of your student, and you shouldn’t write or sign the letter of recommendation that you may not think it’s as sincere.

There are websites of colleges that require students to write the letter and then have their mentors sign it. If that’s the case make sure to read the letter carefully and sign it only if you can vouch for the qualities of your student. If you feel like you still need to get to know your students better, talk to them, learn about their interests, take a look at their resume and more.

Once you write the letter, introducing your student or yourself to the committees, highlighting their key strengths, personality traits, and achievements, follow the guideline for formation. Make sure to follow the guideline as some institutions have a strong emphasis on them and won’t tolerate even the tiniest mistakes. As a teacher, your goal is to make the student appear as the top candidate on the list, as that will compliment both them and you.

What not to include in the letter of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation can be as bad as good for students and your reputation too as a teacher. If there are excess elements and information not relevant to student’s postsecondary education, it may work against the student. Don’t download poorly-written samples, and if you do, focus only on things that could make your letter original and concise.

Focus only on specific qualifications and traits of students, and don’t include the average skills or achievements. Committees are looking for the top students and your job is to present those qualities as much as possible.

All in all, make sure to appear original, natural, and be specific with your goals and wishes. The future education plan will mean a lot for the student’s future, and your final goal is to achieve it by convincing the institution they want to attend to see your student as well as you do.

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