Being a teacher is one of the best, most humble jobs a person can do. Teachers are so valuable to every society, as they prepare children and youngsters for the future through knowledge. Teachers can actually make such an impact by encouraging their students to study and be better every day; they are simply the main motivators throughout a student’s academic path, and a student’s success is simply a teacher’s success as well.

However, teachers are rarely appreciated as much as they deserve. Salaries are usually low, and they have to work a lot of hours, not just at school but also in their free time. Teaching is not just a humble job, but it is also a responsible one, as teachers are to some extent responsible for their students and their future. So, if you’re wondering whether or not you should become a teacher, here are some questions you might want to ask yourself.

Am I concerned about the future and the generations to come?

Teachers are all about inspiring students and new generations to create a better future. This is the reality of every teacher’s life and basically every class they hold and present. Regardless of the topic a teacher discusses with their students, it needs to be something that will inspire them and motivate them to progress and advance through their life. This should also inspire them to become valuable and giving members of society. Every teacher needs to invest their time and knowledge in the idea of what their student can one day become. Therefore, if you’re not concerned about the future and the generations to come, then you shouldn’t probably be a teacher.

Am I a patient person?

Teachers are known to be some of the most patient people in the world. The amount of patience it takes to explain a challenging topic to students who are only encountering it for the first time in their lives can be overwhelming. Teachers need to know a matter so well that they can make it simplified and understandable to every single student. This takes time, patience and dedication. So, if you’re a short-tempered person that lacks patience, then maybe being a teacher isn’t a job for you. In teaching, there are no quick results, so you might remember this.

Do I like working with young people?

Now, it is not only your job to inspire and motivate your students; you also need to be inspired and motivated by your students. In order to be a teacher, you need to be extremely open-minded regarding the way they perceive and understand things and topics. Young people are very imaginative, interested in the taboo and the creation of new ideas and opinions. So, if this sounds like a nightmare, then working with young people is something you should pass. If you’re not ready to learn from young people, teaching is not for you.

Am I ready to dedicate my life to teaching?

For a teacher, it is important to spend as much time as possible in the classroom. You will have to spend most of your day at the school, holding regular classes, additional classes, observations, and teacher-student learning classes. Your working hours will certainly exceed 8 hours; not to mentions the amount of time you will spend working at home. A teacher needs to have every class prepared in advance, and also needs to assess tests and prepare exams. Teachers also have to prepare their homework in regard to going through certain topics and subjects again, in order to refresh their memories. So, if you’re not ready to dedicate your days fully to teaching, you should be looking for a different career path.

Am I ready to give my best even when no one notices?

Being a teacher is a job that requires a lot of work and dedication, but people rarely, or never notice that. Teaching is also a job that shows results from time to time, and most of the time you will feel underappreciated and unnoticed. If you’re expecting students, parents or fellow colleagues to say ‘thank you’ at the end of the day, you might be disappointed. You have to do teaching for yourself, and you have to constantly remind yourself that what you’re doing will pay off in the future. Young people need academic guidance but also guidance in life, all the time. And that is basically your purpose; to do all of that without expecting anything, other than your salary and maybe few thankful students.

Am I ready for the teacher’s salary?

It is no secret that teachers don’t earn much. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for teachers is around 55,000 dollars. Some teachers, approximately 10% of them, earn even less, around 37,000 dollars. The salary for teachers, of course, varies from state to state, as well as depends on numerous other factors, like the academic background and experience of a teacher. In some states, teachers can earn more than 85,000 dollars, and the highest paying state is New York. Teachers with master’s degrees tend to earn more than teachers with only associative or bachelor’s degrees. Moreover, teachers with more experience tend to earn more ass well.

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Being a teacher is a difficult job; it requires a lot of personal sacrifices and a lot of time and dedication. It is also a rather responsible job that can affect students and impact the rest of their lives, positively or negatively. Students remember their teachers their whole lives, so it is important to know whether or not you’re ready for such a responsibility. Before making a final decision, make sure to consider the aforementioned questions; if you’ve answered YES to all of the questions, then you should definitely become a teacher. Your future student will be lucky to have you as their teacher.