Information technology, commonly known as IT, is a means by which information is stored, processed, and transmitted by using a system. In more defining terms, it is the creation, maintenance and utilization of computer software, systems and also networks.

Information technology is one of the most vital roles in an organization, this is because it helps to enhance their output through proper utilization of systems processing. As such, information technology is a very popular associate degree course.

Individuals with an associate degree in information technology have access to a wide range of career opportunities which is open in virtually every industry. Some of these career opportunities include;

What is Information Technology

Computer Programmer

The basic language understood by a computer is the code language, the system then converts these code languages into instructions that will be followed by the computer. While a computer is a device that every organization is familiar with, its code languages are however not equally known by people, hence the role of a computer programmer. A programmer is a person in charge of creating new software codes for the system to follow. Duties such as new software and program updates, software debugging, and also embarking on new software projects are typically done by a programmer.

Web Developer

With the ever-increasing rate of online shopping, the use of web developers by organizations is one that is also simultaneously increasing. It is a given that online shopping cannot occur without some important things; a functioning mobile system, internet access and also a user-friendly website interface. Of these three, a web developer is associated with the development of a user- friendly website interface. In simple terms, they convert a client’s web design into a user-friendly website. This they do with the aid of a series of complicated code languages that the system understands. A web designer ensures that information on a website is appealing, well- arranged and clear, as such, they combine good visuals with quality content to achieve their aim.

Computer Support Specialist

Having a readily available system is of no real use if there is no adequate knowledge as to how to make proper use of the system, hence a computer support specialist. The role of a computer support specialist is to help users gain more knowledge of software, systems and their accessories. Their job description also extends to ensuring that all software modes are fully installed and configured in good accordance with hardware specifications. At other times, these individuals are known as help desk specialists as they are in charge of troubleshooting software issues in an organization. This role is actually of two types; the computer user support specialists who aid customers and the computer network support specialists who aid the in- house staff.

Database Administrators

This role is a basic one on which an organization will run smoothly if functioning properly. As the name sounds, a database administrator is in charge of every data that goes in and out of the organization, in whatever form. Input and storage of this data is totally dependent on the administrators, they maintain a proper and standard database, ensuring that the data are correctly organized, properly functioning and well backed up in cases of urgency. Database administrators are also in charge of ensuring that cybersecurity in the organization is fully up to date.

Computer Systems Analyst

The role of a systems analyst in an organization is one that is not to be taken lightly as they serve as the bridge between the technical aspect and the business aspect of the organization. This role is more of a management role with a sound background in information technology. They use their information technology knowledge for new systems building, end-users training on advancing technology.  The management role in this career is to find practical ways through which these new developments will thrive and bloom in the business world, aiding the efficient running of the organization. In addition to an associate degree in information technology, work experience in a relevant field will also help boost the chances of getting the role.

Computer Network Architect

The major focus of these specialists is with the data communication network of a standard organization. Computer network architects helps to build network systems for organizations, these networks mostly include the Intranet, local area networks (LANs) and wide-area networks (WANs) and could be of different forms; hardwired or cloud-based. A computer network analyst helps an organization to achieve its set goals by properly utilizing their networks; upgrading where necessary. With this role, the use of business and data works hand in hand and are very instrumental in helping the organization to achieve its overall goals.

Network Systems Administrator

The role of a network systems administrator is only effective after that of the computer network architect as they ensure the functional operation of the pre-built networks. These are the individuals in charge of ensuring that computer infrastructures operate smoothly at all times. With the increasing reliance of many organizations on the use of computer systems for their everyday use, there is always a check in place to ensure that operations run smoothly always, hence the network systems administrators. They are in charge of installing the standard system of an organization, plus their hardware and software programs, they also stand on alert to properly evaluate the performance of these systems and provide possible upgrade solutions.

The Future Of Information Technology

With a consistent rise in the use of technology by different organizations for different purposes, there is an assurance of a wide range of opportunities for individuals with an associate degree in information technology. There are a lot of career opportunities that this degree will make you eligible for. Not only are these job opportunities widely available, but they are also quite lucrative, thereby ensuring a comfortable standard of living.

An associate degree in information technology can also be considered as a great means of breaking into the technology world, especially for individuals with no background whatsoever in that field. Hence, career advancement is a sure win in this degree path as it is of common knowledge that no organization can survive and thrive this recent times without a solid foundational backing in information technology. As such, an associate degree in the field is one that is fully encouraged.

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