“Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord!”

Let’s be courageous together in our journey to understand the wisdom in the Bible’s words. How can we do that? Easy, by finding the best free online Bible courses. And, is there a better way to begin that quest than with an actual quote from the Bible itself? Probably not! This quote is just one of many and it truly shows how exceptional the Bible is, and how much we can learn from it, regardless of our religion.

By taking an online Bible course you’ll have the basic tools to read the Bible. Besides teaching you about what’s written in the Bible, these online courses will help you understand the truth behind the words. You’ll gain a profound understanding of the importance of religion and its philosophy.

Christians or not, if you want to study the Bible, to start with, it’s wise to choose one of the free online Bible courses. Respecting your time and budget we’ve arranged a list of the best free online Bible Courses with a Certificate of completion in 2022. We want you to kill two birds with one stone just by reading this article.

This list offers 11 free Bible courses to choose from on your pathway to studying God’s word along with everything you need to know. You’ll be informed in detail about each online Bible course that includes a Certificate of completion (fee or no fee included). Read them carefully before choosing the one you feel most confident about.

Why Should You Choose Free Online Bible Courses with Certificate of Completion?

First and foremost, the people who want to strengthen their relationship with God choose free online Bible courses to save time and money. The certificate part represents a reward, for a job well done. It’s also a matter of personal satisfaction and pride in taking the time and effort to learn more about the spiritual world and the word of God. The Certificate of completion can also be used to enrich your portfolio by adding this valuable new skill to your CV. And that’s not all!

If you’re still unconvinced here’s a more comprehensive list of reasons why you should take a free online Bible course with a Certificate of completion:

  • To create a strong relationship with God
  • To grow on a spiritual level
  • To be “closer” to God
  • To live a more fulfilled life
  • To reveal the meaning and importance of the Bible
  • To learn how to pray
  • To become a better person
  • To widen your perspectives and knowledge about religion
  • To study the Bible at your own time and pace

You must admit, we’ve got some strong reasons and arguments here to guide you when deciding to take a free online Bible course.


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Whether you’re a Christian (Catholic or Orthodox), a true believer or you just have the desire to learn more about the Bible, we’d like to help you out and guide you through the best free online Bible courses with a Certificate of completion. Sounds interesting? Check out the list we’ve prepared, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

How to enroll in a Free Bible Study Course Online?

Every enthusiast who’s willing to study the Bible is welcome to participate in free online Bible study lessons. The only predisposition is the desire to learn and the rest is easy. You just have to follow these simple steps and rules:

  • Create a user account

The first step to get you started is to create an account. Once you’ve created it you’ll be able to access free videos and audio lessons and lectures. Naturally, once you create the account and select a course, you will be able to enroll without paying any fees.

  • Choose a program

The second step is choosing the right program. Once you choose the program you’ll be able to listen to the lessons and lectures on the website. There are usually downloading options, so you can listen to the lectures on your PC, laptop, or mobile device anytime.

  • Be a responsible and devoted student

The third and most important step is to attend all of your classes. Be persistent through the entire process start to finish. Finish your assignments on time and follow the guidance of the experienced scholars at your disposal. In the end, request a Certificate of completion. Read the instructions carefully because some free online Bible courses ask for a small fee for your Certificate or Diploma.

11 Free Online Bible Courses with Certificate of Completion

If you start your own research, you’ll come across many online Bible courses with Certificates of completion. To save your time and energy we’ve prepared the best ones, “for your eyes only” in the following list:

  • Christian Leaders Institute’s Course
  • Trinity International Theological Seminary
  • International Seminary for Distance Education in Theology
  • Harvard’s Course on Religious Literacy
  • Open Yale University Religious Courses
  • Dallas Theological Seminary’s Courses
  • World Bible School
  • Lambchow Hope Bible Study Courses
  • Bold Christian University Course
  • Paul Center for Biblical Theology
  • Moody Bible Institute Courses

1. Christian Leaders Institute’s Course

If you decide to start your online Bible course at the Christian Leaders Institute you’ll be amazed by their offers. What’s even more impressive the courses are free as a result of the donations of many generous individuals and organizations.

To become a student, you need to open an account at the Christian Leaders Institute. As mentioned earlier the courses are free and there are many to choose from, and at the end, you’ll obtain a Certificate of Completion.

The Christian Leaders Institute allows its students to print their certificates from the comfort of their homes on their computers. Besides providing Bible courses of the highest quality the Christian Leaders Institute offers quality online ministry training, again free of charge. All you have to do is give it a try and learn more about Christianity and God.

So, take some time to figure out your interests and preferences, and enroll. It’s easy! The Bible and other courses are free and interesting, and there’s a Certificate of completion waiting for you at the end of the line.

2. Trinity International Theological Seminary

Trinity International Theological Seminary is another educational institution providing free online Bible courses. If you’re determined to discover Bible’s secrets and commence your Bible training you can choose from the variety of courses offered by this Seminary. These courses are great not only for Christians but also for Bible teachers, Bible study leaders, and anyone curious enough to learn what the Scriptures are all about.

We all want to be rewarded at the end of our course. Trinity International Theological Seminary honors its students with a Certificate of completion. The entire process of enrolling, training, and certification is an ideal way to increase your knowledge and competencies. And you’ll do that quickly and free of charge.

Here’s a list of courses titles to choose from:

  • Christ Jesus (as God, the Son)
  • Salvation (as God’s spiritual and eternal deliverance from sin)
  • God (as an infinite spirit)
  • Man (as a human being)
  • Prayer (as communication with God)
  • The Church (as a body of baptized believers)
  • Evangelism (as an inseparable part of the Gospel)
  • The Holy Spirit ( to get familiar with the Person and work of the Holy Spirit)
  • Judgment (to get familiar with the Biblical teaches on Judgment)
  • Christ’s Second Coming (as two separate, but connected, events in the promised return of Christ: the Rapture and the Revelation)
  • Prophets/Prophecy (as a clear Biblical understanding of Biblical prophecy)
  • Sin from a Biblical perspective (to get familiar with the Scriptures’ teaching about sin)
  • God’s recipe for a happy home (home as the base of society).

As you can see there are plenty of courses to choose from and plenty of areas to learn from! These courses are 100% free, 100% online, with just a small fee for a Certificate of Achievement.


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3. International Seminary for Distance Education in Theology

International Seminary for Free Distance Education in Theology (ISDET) has completely free tuition-free programs. Students coming from developed countries pay a small one-time registration fee, while the ones from developing countries pay nothing.

This institute also offers free tools for Bible study:

  • Free Bible atlas
  • Josephus (complete works)
  • Free e-books

ISDET on its curriculum has Bachelor’s, Master and Doctoral programs all free of tuition. At the moment the following bachelor level programs are available:

Choose the program that suits you best, is tuition-free, and receive free textbooks. Every student upon completion will be awarded a Diploma. Regardless of the country of origin, all students have to pay a small fee at the time of graduation.

4. Harvard’s Course on Religious Literacy

Harvard’s Course on Religious Literacy is a great starting course on religion. Unlike the other online Bible courses, it’s focused on religion rather than Christianity or the Bible. So if you’re eager to educate yourself and expand your knowledge about religion, choosing this course would be a great first step.

If you choose Harvard’s course you’ll learn:

  • How to interpret religious roles in current and historic context
  • Religions diversity
  • Religions evolvement and change
  • Religions settings in all cultures
  • Religions’ strengths and limitations

If you think you can benefit from taking this course, you’ll just need 5 to 10 hours per week, and 4 weeks in total to complete it. The auditing part is free you’ll just need to pay $99 if you want a verified certificate. Nevertheless, if you’re in just for the knowledge of religion, you won’t need a certificate.

5. Open Yale University Religious Courses

The Department of Religious studies at Yale offers online courses to the public completely free. The only downside is that they don’t award Certificates of completion. Even though it doesn’t fit completely on our list, still we thought it’s something you should look into.

This Department has a wide selection of courses on the major world religions. We’ve selected two of their religious studies courses that are worth your time:

  • Introduction to the New Testament History and Literature ( as a historical study of the origins of Christianity)
  • Introduction to the Old Testament/ Hebrew Bible (as an expression of ancient Israel’s religious life, and an introductory document of Western civilization)

If you want to learn more about Christianity’s origins from a historical point of view choose one of these courses. You won’t regret it!

6. Dallas Theological Seminary’s Courses

Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) teaches its students about the truth behind the Scripture and Theology for free. The Seminary has been dedicated to teaching for more than 90 years. More than 1000 pastors and teachers have been trained at the Seminary.

Its mission is to reach believers across the world by organizing free online Bible courses. DTS offers many courses. Here are some of the courses you can currently register for:

  • Samuel (a description of the events in the book of 1 Samuel)
  • What is theology? (6 session course about theology)
  • Return of Christ (3 session course on Christ)
  • Jonah (4 session course about the prophet)
  • Evangelism (7 session course on Christian evangelism)
  • Exodus (7 session course describing the events in the book of Exodus)
  • Names and attributes of God (5 session course revealing God’s character)

At the moment 24 free online courses are offered by Dallas Theological Seminary. So, if you’re into a deep Scripture analysis you should seriously consider one of these courses.


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7. World Bible School

World Bible School helps you learn about the Bible easily and enjoyably. You won’t be burdened with time and schedules when you decide to take one of the offered courses. You just have to pick the course you prefer and study when you have time. These are the courses that you can choose:

  • The way to life (1 lesson introduction/10 topics)
  • God has spoken (8 lessons/55 topics)
  • This is good news! (7 lessons/45 topics)
  • Knowing Jesus (7 lessons/55 topics)
  • Born of water and spirit (8 lessons/57 topics)
  • The family of God (8 lessons/77 topics)
  • Live a life of love (13 lessons/100 topics)

These are the master series courses, but there are also supplemental series to choose from. Each course includes lessons, specific topics, and a Certificate of Completion. What’s even more important is they’re all completely free!

8. Lambchow Hope Bible Study Courses

Lambchow Hope Bible Studies await those who are ready to embrace the adventure of following Jesus. Here’s the list of the free online Bible Studies offered by Lambchow:

There are two ways to get these Bible Studies:

  • Through a mailing list
  • By downloading the PDF version of the entire study

Both ways are offered free of charge and you may use them for personal or group study.

9. Bold Christian University Course

Bold Christian University (BCU) offers a free Christian Evangelism Course with a Certificate of completion. BCU never takes money from students. Its mission is to enable its students to be witnesses for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

How to start?

  • Download the course outline
  • Register directly on Bold Christian University’s website
  • Complete the requirements, and request your Christian Evangelism Degree

Bold Christian University emails degrees once the course is completed for the level of Christian witnessing that the degree represents.

10.  St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology’s goal is to be a teacher of teachers by promoting Scripture study to a new generation of believers who will become biblically literate. Their life-transforming studies are helping people find their way around the Bible, and enter the heart of God and the church.

St. Paul Center currently offers 3 categories of Bible studies:

  • Video Studies (The Bible and the mass, Genesis to Jesus, The Bible and the church fathers, The Bible and the Virgin Mary, The Bible and the Sacraments, The Eucharist in Scripture, and The Catholic table video series)
  • Audio Studies (Signs of the Covenant: Transforming Lives and Renewing Relationship, The Gospel Mark, Romans: The Gospel according to St. Paul, Proclaiming the Kingdom: The Gospel of Matthew, Lessons from the Early Church, Feasts of Faith, The Splendor of the Church, and John: The Sacramental Gospel)
  • Text Studies (Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God, Reading the Old Testament in the New: The Gospel of Matthew, ‘He Must Reign’: The Kingdom of God in Scripture, Covenant Love: Introducing the Biblical Worldview, The Lamb’s Supper: The Bible and the Mass, and God’s Covenant Plan)

The audio and text studies are completely free online Bible courses. As you can see there are many topics to choose from put together by expert Scripture scholars. Free of charge quality studies that’ll make your learning process easy and fulfilling.

11.  Moody Bible Institute Courses

Biblical Training and Moody Bible Institute bring you a new and interesting free online Bible class a Survey of the New Testament. The subject of this class is the New Testament, and the biblical truth. The skill level for attending this class is intermediate and you’ll need 35 hours for its completion. It’s an audio class format and it’s completely free.

This New Testament Survey class is a wonderful chance to understand the importance of knowing what the Bible teaches so you can live your life differently by loving God, yourself, and others.

You’ll be guided through this course by the experienced, Dr. Mounce who will help you observe the life of Jesus from different perspectives summarizing the main ideas of the New Testament.

Like all the other classes offered by Biblical Training, you can register and log in to access free New Testament Survey materials. Study individually, with a partner, or in a group. Discuss what you have learned as you proceed with the class. If you like it so far, take the leap of faith and try it!

Currently, Biblical Training & Moody Bible Institute awards certificates only for the classes registered on the Certificates page. Even though they don’t offer transfer credit for finishing a certificate program, you’ll be well prepared to study the Bible and use its wisdom in your life, in becoming the best version of yourselves. Isn’t that something!


The research process to create this list of free online Bible courses with a Certificate of completion was quite challenging. It’s hard to find quality Bible courses that fulfill the three conditions we’ve set: online, free courses with a certificate of completion.

Therefore besides creating the list we tried to provide as much detailed information as we could on each specific online Bible course. Hopefully, our effort will pay off and you’ll soon find the Bible course you feel is right for you.

Read the list carefully, weigh your options and then make a decision. Don’t rush it, it’s important to choose wisely and be satisfied with the outcome.

Whatever course you choose once you’ve finished it you’ll know how to read and understand the Bible, its meaning, and hidden messages, and you’ll have a deeper understanding of religion in general.

Whether you’re a believer or not, Christian or not, you’ll be equipped with knowledge about the Bible that can even impress your friends and family. Who knows maybe you’ll even spread the word of God to the ones closest to you.

Enjoy your spiritual journey on one of our free online Bible courses with a Certificate of completion and don’t forget: You’re the master of your destiny! The spiritual awakening is one step away from you with the right course and motivation.

Wait no longer! Enroll in one of the courses in this article, become a Bible specialist, and guide yourself and others to the path of God.

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