Whether you’re a devoted Arianator or just curious about Ariana Grande’s background, you may be wondering – what high school did the talented singer and actress attend? If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Ariana Grande went to Pine Crest School and North Broward Preparatory School in Coconut Creek, Florida.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide an in-depth look at Ariana Grande’s high school years. We’ll cover details about North Broward Prep, insights into her experiences and activities there, and how her time in high school helped shape her future career.

An Overview of North Broward Preparatory School

North Broward Preparatory School is a reputable educational institution located in Coconut Creek, Florida. The school has gained recognition for its rigorous academic programs, dedicated faculty, and diverse student body.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes North Broward Preparatory School stand out.

Location and Student Body

North Broward Preparatory School is situated in a beautiful suburban area of Coconut Creek, just a short drive away from the vibrant city of Fort Lauderdale. The school attracts students from a wide range of backgrounds, fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

With a strong sense of community, students at North Broward Preparatory School are encouraged to embrace collaboration and cultural understanding.

The student body at North Broward Preparatory School is known for its academic excellence and ambition. The school maintains high standards of achievement, challenging students to reach their full potential.

With a low student-to-teacher ratio, students receive individual attention and support, allowing for personalized learning experiences.

Academics and Special Programs

North Broward Preparatory School offers a comprehensive academic curriculum that prepares students for success in college and beyond. The school provides a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, giving students the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school.

These rigorous courses help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

In addition to the core curriculum, North Broward Preparatory School offers specialized programs in areas such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), performing arts, and global studies.

These programs provide students with unique opportunities to explore their interests and develop their talents in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Extracurriculars and Arts

At North Broward Preparatory School, extracurricular activities play an essential role in the overall development of students. The school offers a wide range of clubs, sports teams, and community service programs, allowing students to pursue their passions and interests outside of the classroom.

Whether it’s joining the debate team, participating in a musical production, or volunteering for a local charity, students have numerous opportunities to get involved and make a positive impact.

The arts program at North Broward Preparatory School is highly regarded, with outstanding facilities and dedicated instructors. From visual arts to theater, music, and dance, students are encouraged to express themselves creatively and explore their artistic abilities.

The school regularly showcases student talent through performances, exhibitions, and competitions, fostering a vibrant and supportive arts community.

Ariana Grande’s Time at North Broward Prep

Joining the School in 8th Grade

Ariana Grande, the renowned pop singer and actress, attended North Broward Preparatory School during her high school years. She joined the school in 8th grade, marking the beginning of her educational journey in a well-regarded institution.

North Broward Prep, located in Coconut Creek, Florida, is known for its rigorous academic programs and nurturing environment.

Participating in Performing Arts

During her time at North Broward Prep, Ariana Grande actively participated in the school’s performing arts program. She showcased her immense talent and passion for singing and acting, laying the foundation for her future success in the entertainment industry.

Grande’s involvement in various school productions and performances allowed her to hone her skills and gain valuable experience, setting her on the path to stardom.

Graduating in 2012

Ariana Grande successfully completed her high school education at North Broward Prep and graduated in 2012. This marked a significant milestone in her life, as she was able to transition from her academic pursuits to focus on her blossoming career in music.

Despite her early departure from formal education, Grande’s talent and dedication have propelled her to become one of the most influential and acclaimed artists of her generation.

How North Broward Prep Shaped Ariana’s Future Success

Ariana Grande, the pop sensation known for her powerful vocals and impressive range, attended North Broward Preparatory School in Coconut Creek, Florida. This prestigious institution played a significant role in shaping her future success, providing her with the foundation and opportunities to develop her talents and launch her remarkable career.

Developing Her Vocal Talents

During her time at North Broward Prep, Ariana Grande had access to exceptional vocal training programs. The school recognized her exceptional talent and provided her with the necessary resources to nurture and develop her voice.

With the guidance of experienced vocal coaches and music teachers, Ariana honed her skills and expanded her vocal range, setting the stage for her incredible success as a singer.

Gaining Experience Performing

North Broward Prep offered Ariana numerous opportunities to showcase her talents through various performances and events. She participated in school concerts, musical productions, and talent shows, allowing her to gain valuable experience and hone her stage presence.

These early performances helped Ariana build confidence and develop her unique style, preparing her for the demanding world of show business.

Building a Foundation for her Career

Attending North Broward Prep provided Ariana with a well-rounded education that extended beyond music. The school emphasized academic excellence and encouraged students to pursue their passions.

Ariana’s time at the school allowed her to develop important skills such as time management, discipline, and perseverance – all crucial traits for a successful career in the music industry.

The supportive and nurturing environment at North Broward Prep also played a significant role in shaping Ariana’s character. She was surrounded by like-minded individuals who shared her passion for the arts, which fostered a sense of community and provided her with the encouragement she needed to pursue her dreams.

Today, Ariana Grande is a global superstar, with countless chart-topping hits and numerous awards to her name. While her talent and hard work have undoubtedly played a significant role in her success, it is clear that her time at North Broward Prep provided her with the foundation and opportunities that set her on the path to stardom.


Attending North Broward Preparatory School provided critical opportunities for Ariana Grande to nurture her talents and develop as a performer. The school’s stellar academics and arts programs allowed her to gain experience singing, acting, and dancing, while laying the groundwork for her future music and acting career.

Though she’s now a household name, North Broward Prep played an important role in shaping the megastar we know today.

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